They’re the ass-kicking, money-maker-shaking love child of old, new, borrowed, & blue – a long-awaited tribute to those lost years when Elvis sang Hank Williams tunes with Black Sabbath while Duke & Satchmo called out the changes.  They call it COUNTRIFUNKED JAZZABILLY, but it’s really just what rock & roll would’ve been if it hadn’t wasted all that time on hairspray.

Grown out of the hinters of Northeastern Pennsyltucky circa 1997, THE UNPRONOUNCEABLE landed on the Greater New York Metropolitan music scene just in time to remind everyone that it’s OK to sing, dance, and spit single-malt bourbon into an open fire.  Armed with three guitars, a banjo, a piano, a trap kit and an upright bass fiddle, these four handsome fellows have swapped instruments in front of audiences at such venues as Kenny’s Castaways, The C-Note, Meow Mix, Le Bar Bat, The Pussycat Lounge, Arlene Grocery, CB’s Gallery, The Lizard Lounge, Otto's Shrunken Head, and Makor, as well as a host of northeast universities.

Comprised of members Pete Gustavson (guit-fiddle, bass-fiddle, croons), Dan Kinsley (ivories, guit-fiddle, bass-fiddle), Adam Gustavson (guit-fiddle, bass-fiddle) and Justin "J-Ride" Riddle (skins & cymbals), the unpronounceable (who've borrowed the souls of some of rock & roll’s greatest founding members) continue to stun and amaze everyone lucky enough to see them perform.


"VIVA LOS BEEFALOS Album Review" By Nick Rose - 2005

"Get Into the Act: The Unpronounceable" By Tony Sienzant - 2005

"The Unprounceable's music speaks for itself" By Rachel Kalina - 2004

"Get Into the Act: the unpronounceable" By Tony Sienzant - 2002

"It's a Tour Baby" By Monica Ortwein - 2002

"Clearly pronounceable talent" By Larry Koestler - 2002

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